Shaun M McCoshum​, PhD

PhD, Zoology     December 2015

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK

                     Dissertation: Influences and associations of the biofuel crop Canola production on wild 

                                          invertebrate pollinator communities in the South Central US

MSc, Botany       August 2009

Miami University, Oxford OH 

                     Thesis: Phototropic responses of Arabidopsis thaliana to green light & the role of SPA1

BSc, Biology      December 2006

Humboldt State University, Arcata CA


2017: Rusticus Garden Club Summer Intern Funds                                                                     

2017: Recipient of Watershed Agricultural Council Management Assistance Program

          for tree planting                                                                                                                   

2014: Recipient of Oklahoma State University’s Graduate Travel Grant                                        

2014: Recipient of Phi Kappa Phi Love of Learning Grant                                                             

2009: Recipient of Miami University’s Botany Graduate Research grant                                    


2015: Arts and Sciences Commencement Marshal                                                                      

2015: Creativity, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship scholarship recipient (declined)                      
2015: CORD: Volunteered more than 300 hours of service learning during my PhD program. 
2015: Recipient of the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

2013: 3rd place Oklahoma State University’s Inaugural Three Minute Thesis Competition             

2013: Recipient of Outstanding Student Award from Oklahoma State University’s Employee

          Queers & Allies League                                                                                                                       

2011: Americorps Education Award                                                                                              

Publications (9)
  • McCoshum SM and Geber MA (2020) Land conversion for solar facilities and urban sprawl in Southwest Deserts causes different amounts of habitat loss for Ashmeadiella bees. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. (Accepted with minor revision, May 2019)


Professional Experience:

Dec 2017-Present: Scientist II: Flatrock Environmental and Engineering

  • Perform surveys for ecological jurisdiction, threatened and endangered species, and protected waters of the USA

  • Write reports, manage data and create maps in ArcGIS and apply for permits for land developers

  • Organize field crews and various partner organizations to meet client needs, deadlines, and budgets.


Jan 2016-present: Post-Doctoral Researcher: Cornell University

  • Working with a multi-disciplinary team to design data collection methods to inform life cycle cost analyses and Solar Energy impacts on local ecosystems and pollinator communities

  • Working with leading experts, UC Davis researchers, State and Federal agencies to gain permits and support for land access

  • Curating and identifying a 5 year long bee collection and using ArcMap and MaxEnt to model similar habitats

July 2016-December 2017: Preserve Manager and Educator: Westchester Land Trust

  • Maintained preserves and designed preserve management plans that protected water quality of the region and wildlife habitat

  • Created educational outreach events for students and adults

  • Worked with multiple partners in the region to maximize our efforts and build community support for land preservation, seed sharing, and habitat restorations

May 2014-June 2016: Butterfly Farm Consultant for Opportunity International Nicaragua

  • Worked with an architect to design an enclosure for caterpillar and plant rearing

  • Created trainings for teachers and curriculum for students for rearing caterpillars and butterflies with an emphasis on ecotourism and entrepreneurship

  • Networked eco-tourism ventures and the school for sales and business opportunity


January 2012-December 2015: Research Assistant Oklahoma State University, Baum Lab

  • Field work capturing native bees and monarch butterflies and occasional vegetation transects 

  • Green house work for Asclepias curassavica cultures and lab rearing monarch caterpillars

  • Pinning and curating insect collections for research and outreach


May 2014-June 2015: President of Graduate and Professional Student Government Association

  • Began interdisciplinary socials including outreach and volunteer events

  • Oversaw 7 other executive members, an $83,000.00 budget, and sat on numerous campus wide committees including the Vice President for Research search committee

  • Identified risky situations for the university and strived to create positive solutions, such as FERPA training for all teaching students


Jan 2013- May 2015: Invertebrate Zoology: Teaching Assistant

  • Maintained freshwater and marine aquaria with crustacean, mollusk, turbellaria, cnidaria, and porifera cultures.

  • Created and modified curriculum and lab assignments to improve student learning

  • Curated collections of preserved specimens and entered new specimens


November 2011-January 2012: Café Manna: Interim Assistant Manager

*covered managerial duties while the current manager took 2 months leave

  • Hired and supervised 8 servers and coordinated with back of the house staff for purchase orders.

  • Managed employee time off, disciplinary action, work schedules, and daily front of the house duties.

April 2011-Octoberr 2011: Great Basin Institute: field technician

  • Performed restoration work including greenhouse rearing, out planting and seed collections      for host plants of the endangered Mt. Charleston Blue butterfly.
  • Collected and entered GIS and population data for the Forest Service in accordance with               Department and NEPA reporting
  • Aided in research of endemic rodents, invasive organisms, and sensitive species
March 2010-April 2011: Catalina Island Conservancy: multiple positions
   October 2010-April 2011 Education and Conservation Technician
  • Successfully planned and executed Invasive plant management projects
  • Actively engaged the public and volunteers with invasive plant removal projects and education programs gaining more than 2,300 man hours for projects
  • Routinely surveyed and entered GIS data for invasive plants and executed management procedures
  • Collected data on sightings of specific avifauna,  herptofaunal, and numerous native plants, plus duties of the Stop the Spread Coordinator
   March 2010- October 2010: Stop the Spread Coordinator
  • Successfully built new relationships with Island Camps to implement invasive species removal           programs
  • Successfully planned and instituted numerous invasive plant and restoration management plans with 1, 3, 5, and 10 year goals.
  • Surveying, hiking, herbicide application, invasive population data collection, GIS data entry and treatments were integral portions of this job.

McCoshum, SM (2019) Healthy habitats for bees & butterflies. Albuquerque Bio Park. ABQ, NM

McCoshum, SM (2018) Small Scale Pollinator Conservation: Measuring Success & Plugging into

     the Landscape. Nantucket Island Citizen Science Weekend, keynote speaker. Nantucket, MA.

McCoshum, SM (2018) Milkweed: It's More Then Monarch Food. Sibley Nature Center Science

     Lecture Series. Midland, TX.

McCoshum, SM (2018) Pollinator Conservation: Threats and Actions. Midland Naturalists Society. 

     Midland, TX.

McCoshum, SM (2017) Managing Pollinator Habitat: Monitoring, Measures, and Metrics. Rally

     (Land Trust Alliance National Annual symposium). Denver, CO.

McCoshum, SM (2017) Pollinator gardening: what to do before and after planting. Bartlett

     Arboretum. Stamford, CT.

McCoshum, SM (2017) Threats and benefits to pollinator populations. Conservation Café, Pace

     University. Pleasantville, NY.

McCoshum, SM (2017) Static ecosystems in a shifting mosaic landscape. Hudson to Housatonic all

     partners meeting. Ridgefield, CT.

McCoshum, SM (2016) What's all the buzz about Pollinators. Conservation Cafe panel, Pace

     University. Pleasantville, NY.

McCoshum, SM and Baum KA (2016) Effects of pastures on pollinator communities in canola

     (Brassica napus) production landscapes. Pollinator Reading Group, Cornell University. Ithaca,

McCoshum, SM and Baum KA (2015) Effects of pastures on early spring pollinator communities

     around canola (Brassica napus) production. Entomological Society of America meeting.

     Minneapolis, MN.
McCoshum, SM and Baum KA (2015) Effects and association of the production of the biofuel crop

     Brassica napus on wild invertebrate pollinator communities in the South Central United States.

     Public presentation for oral defense. Stillwater, OK.
McCoshum, SM and Baum KA (2015) Effects of pasturelands on early-spring native bee

     communities and reproductive success around canola croplands. Natural Resources Conference.

     Tulsa, OK.
McCoshum SM (2015). Trimming Invasive Canary Island Date Palms opens resources for Acorn

     Woodpeckers and other plants. Oklahoma State University Lunchtime Seminar Series.

     Stillwater, OK.

McCoshum, SM (2014). LGBT Evidence and Arguments from Nature. PFLAG chapter meeting:

     Stillwater, Oklahoma.

McCoshum, SM and Baum KA (2014). Native bee assemblages and development near canola fields

     in the south central US. Ecological Society of America 99th Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA.

McCoshum, SM (2014). LGBT Evidence and Arguments from Nature. PFLAG chapter meeting:

     Stillwater, Oklahoma.

McCoshum, SM and Baum KA (2014). Influence of Canola and Pastureland on Native Bees. South

     Western Association of Naturalists. Stillwater, OK.

McCoshum, SM (2014). Sex ratios and OE infection levels of Danaus plexippus during spring

     migration through Oklahoma. 102nd Annual Techincal meeting of the Oklahoma Academy of

     Science. Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Baum, KA and McCoshum, SM (2013). Landscape-level implications of biofuel crop production for

     pollinators. Entomological Society of America. Austin, Texas.

McCoshum, SM (2013). Are insect pollinators and wild plants affected by canola production?

     Oklahoma State University Provost's External Advisory Council Meeting: invited presentation

      featuring Three Minute Thesis competitors/awardees. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater,


McCoshum, SM (2012) Conservation Practices on Catalina Island: lesson in reality. Oklahoma

     State University Lunchtime Seminar Series (September 20, 2012)

McCoshum, SM (2012) Biological Factors and Influences of Sexuality and Presence in Nature. 

     PFLAG Chapter meeting: Stillwater Oklahoma.

McCoshum, SM; Hein, F; and Zanelli, R (2010) Greatest Stories Ever Told: Placing meaning before

     detail. Catalina Island Mini-symposium at Long Beach, California.

McCoshum, SM; Bauman J; and Douglas E (2009) Presence and Participation in the Academy and

     Community.Miami University English Graduate and Adjunct Association’s Symposium

     “Stepping Out: Academics, Civic Engagement, and Activism at Miami University”

McCoshum, SM; Kumar, P; and Kiss, JZ. (2009) The Role of SPA1 During Light Sensing in Blue,

     Green, and Red Light. Midwestern ASPB, Peoria, Illinois.

McCoshum, SM; Kumar, P and Kiss, JZ (2008). The role of SPA1 in tropistic curvature. Poster:

     Midwestern ASPB: Iowa State University, Ames Iowa.

McCoshum, SM and Bauman J. (2008). Biological Mechanisms of Sexuality: Miami University.

Outreach and Service:
2014: Created and hosted a citizen outreach program for local residents to come collect data for Monarch Migration using Monarch Watch tags.
2014: Volunteered for National Lab day to introduce and allow high school students to participate in the research I am doing with my fellow lab-members and advisor.
2014-present: President of the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association.
2014: Planned and hosted the event “LGBT friendly Christianity” via Arc.
This event organized religious leaders from surrounding churches to present their personal and Church’s point of view on LGBT acceptance.
2013-2014: Graduate representative to the Campus life Advisory Council.
2012-2014: Founder and President of Arc:
Arc is a graduate focused LGBTQSIA community group which was formed to provide a social and academic venue for Graduate students to discuss community issues.
2012-2014t: Vice President of Society of Environmental Scientists (SES)
SES is a club to unite the Enivironmental Science Students and the departments in which these graduate students are studying.
2012-2014: Graduate and Professional Student Government Association (GPSGA) Zoology Representative
GPSGA has bi-monthly meetings which must be attended by department representatives in order for graduate students to apply for funds from the GPSGA accounts.
2012-present: Acitve member of Stillwater’s chapter of Parents Friends and Family of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG)
Designed and organized production of fundraiser cards for Stillwater PFLAG which generate 198¢ for every 2¢ spent
2012-2013: Seated on the 5 person Finance committee for GPSGA’s $50,000.00 annual budget
2012-present: Seated on the Zoology Awards Committee
2012 Volunteer Hours
Volunteered for 60 hours of community service doing trash clean ups, work parties, and plant surveys
Worked 11 hours for ZoGGS at a football game
2011 Member of Gays for Good
Gays for Good is a non-profit organization which volunteers to do environmental and community work in Southern California.
2009: Faculty Search Committee for the LGBTQISA Coordinator at Miami University
2008-2009: Co-President of Haven
Haven is a LGBTQISA club at Miami University which organizes and engages in community events both on and off campus including the Tunnel of Oppression.
2008-2009: Active Member of the College Democrats
Helped the campaign for Barack Obama, registered voters, canvassed, and passed out literature
2007-2009: Active member in Spectrum
Spectrum is an undergrad led LGBTQISA club at Miami University which promotes equal rights and community strength
2007-2008: Treasurer of Haven
2004 Coach for the novice men’s rowing team at Humboldt State
2001-2004 Light-weight and heavy-weight competing rower on Humboldt State’s men’s crew team
Biology 3104 teaching assistant spring 2014: Oklahoma State University   
Biology 3034 teaching assistant fall 2013: Oklahoma State University
Biology 3104 teaching assistant spring 2013: Oklahoma State University
Biology 1114 teaching assistant fall 2012: Oklahoma State University
Botany 191 teaching assistant spring 2009: Miami University
Biological Concepts 115 teaching assistant fall 2008: Miami University
Biological Concepts 116 teaching assistant spring 2008: Miami University
Biological Concepts 115 teaching assistant fall 2007: Miami University
Coach of the Novice Men’s Crew team 2004: Humboldt State University
Undergraduate Mentorship
Zoe Austin (2016) Coral reef husbandry, coral propagation, and invertebrate care
Dalton Richardson(2016) Coral reef husbandry, coral propagation, and invertebrate care
Alicia Schlarb(2014 - 2016) Research mentor on a project investigating effects of sunscreen exposure on Convolutriloba retrogemma and Xenia spp. corals. Also taught coral reef husbandry, coral propagation, and invertebrate care
Sarah Ogle (2012): Research mentor on larval movement of Monarch butterflies and parasitoid infection rates of flies.
High School Student Mentorship
Ireland Novak (2018-2019) The Effects of Oxybenzone on the Regeneration of Hawaiian Coral Reefs. Outside mentor for senior project.
Lizzie Kaplan (2016 - 2017) Effects of restoration plantings and deer exclosures on invasive plant colonization.














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